If following Christ is our goal than we train by following His example. We learn about Him through His word, and we learn the principles and the values He teaches us to live by. 


But we can’t do it alone. We walk together with other men who are ahead of us on the path. We hold one another accountable, and we challenge one another to become better husbands, fathers, boyfriends, and sons. 


We learn to deal with temptation and the troubles of life in a godly way. The whole time we learn to lean on rely on God for His strength. As we do, we become better at overcoming our trials and tribulations. We find a new identity as a child of God, and we learn to live His way instead of our own.

We are preparing men to prevail together by the strength of Jesus Christ.

We do that through adventure, brotherhood, and duty.


We have all been given spiritual gifts that we can put to work for the Kingdom of God. Our goal is to be the light in a world full of darkness. We believe we are the hands and feet of Jesus and we live it out in our daily lives, caring for those who need it, and introducing lost souls to the one who seeks and saves them. We want to give our wild men a sense of purpose as they put their gifts to work for the glory of God.


We’re not following Jesus alone. Our brothers are there to support us, encourage us, and help us up when we fall. As iron sharpens iron, we too sharpen one another. We are stronger as a group. We hold each other accountable and give each other strength. We never leave a brother behind, and we concern ourselves with the welfare of our brothers, even over ourselves.


As Christ followers, we are not called to hide out in our bunkers and wait for Jesus’ return. But instead, we’re called to join the mission of God in this world. Following Jesus is the grandest adventure we will ever experience, and we want to live out that reality. We work hard, play hard, and serve hard, recognizing that we represent Jesus everywhere we go. Jesus came to give us life, and life to the full. We intend to live life to the fullest and give glory to God for it all.

1455 E. Grand River Ave, Portland, MI.

Sundays at 9:15am live (or anytime) on our YouTube page!

(517) 647-7750

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